Easy shipping - worldwide!

The process for out of area buyers is broken down to 2 categories below. Please review the 25+ pictures of the car closely! None of our cars are "perfect" they are all used cars and normal wear and tear should be expected for the age and miles. 

If you want to visit us and drive the car home: 

  • The closest airport is KBUR (Burbank). An Uber from Burbank is only around $25-50 to us depending on traffic.
  • You will have to pay California Tax (9.5%). Most states will credit you for the taxes paid in California. Contact us by email for further details and options. 
  • You do NOT have to pay for registration, only the price of the car, an $85 document fee, and the tax of 9.5%
  • You would make an appointment at the top right corner just the same as regular clients whenever you want to proceed. 
  • Some clients (Vegas, Norcal, etc) drive down to us, see the car in person, pay for it/do the paperwork, then have a shipping company pick up the car a few days later. This is perfectly fine too and we can even help arrange the shipping at low cost (example: Vegas = $250)

If you want to have the car shipped to you: 

  • We work with all shipping companies and will have the car ready for them to pick up.
  • You do NOT have to pay any taxes or registration. Only the price of the car + the $85 document fee.
  • We can drop off the car at the shipping port if the car is going out of the country. We are fairly close to many export harbors. Once you have made arrangements with the exporter/shipper of your choice, email us and we will go from there!
  • If you want a quote from a company we have used multiple times, contact CORSIA LOGISTICS at (818) 850-5258 or visit them at https://www.corsia.us/ and be sure to mention you're having a car shipped to you from Starfire Auto. They have all of our info.
  • The entire process starts with you completing the form below and submitting payment for the non-refundable $85 document fee for us to prepare the paperwork and mail them or email to you. Once you get the papers, you sign, mail back, send the payment and pick up the car/arrange transport. Once you send the $85 we take the car off the market for a few days while you send the paperwork by mail. It's that easy!

Here is our favorite review from an out of state buyer!